07 June 2012

I N C H Y D O N E Y   B E A C H

The skies in Ireland must share bloodlines with those in Seattle. Every morning I'm woken by bright grey skies, taunting me with the sun just barely gleaming through. The days of June gloom have settled in, but each one is so busy and full of activities that they pass without my noticing. A good thing!

On Monday, Heather insisted we take the day off - even though we enjoy working so much that it doesn't feel like work. I spent that morning sitting in the sun and putting together a package for my mom's 60th (!) birthday, then Ash and I decided to take further advantage of the warmth and head to the beach. On the drive there, the sun disappeared and the winds blew in, but we decided to hang out there for a little while anyway. When we got too cold, we went into the hotel on the beach and had some tea and cookies. They served the tea with a rock crystal on a stick, which I found pretty exciting.

Though the drab skies hug this country tightly, Ireland still manages to be so beautiful. All of the beaches I've been to so far are gorgeous; the water is so clear and the sand so soft. If you google photos of it on a sunny day, you'd think it was someplace tropical. I'm really hoping I'll have the chance to go back on a hot day.

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