02 August 2012

P A R I S ,  D A Y  F O U R

I am home now and trying to adjust and think about what I want, where I want to be and what I want to do. I am trying to take each day at a time - after being gone for so long it's hard to know exactly which path to take. I am glad to be home and see my friends and family, but the tradeoff seems to be missing Europe and all of the incredible people I met while on my journey. As I try to settle back in, I will share the rest of my travels with you, beginning with the last few days in Paris.

We wandered around Le Bon Marche (what a beautiful shop!) and Le Grande Epicerie where I purchased some rose jam and a tote bag. After oohing and ahhing over all of the goodies, we  spent some time in the park nearby and devoured a whole bag of Sea Salt Rosemary and Garlic Kettle Chips (has anyone seen this flavor in The States? SO GOOD!). That evening we had dinner at one of the only original brasseries left in Paris, Julien. It was gorgeous! I couldn't stop craning my neck to look all around and admire every little detail. The food was delicious - every bite a complete treat. I tried a snail for the first time and was surprised that it wasn't totally disgusting. I also had duck, which I had never had before. What better place than Paris to try these things for the first time?


  1. paris looks so pretty.
    the snails were good? we also get them in greece, but it seems like a big step to actually eat the poor guy!

  2. In the moment I thought so, but after thinking about it I think my expectations were pretty low, so I could only be impressed! Haha. The sauce was the best part, buttery and garlicky. I don't think I'd ever order them for myself, though!