15 March 2013

2 Down

Well, this is a rather unimpressive photo that I've taken of a very beautiful one from this week's New Yorker. I am too tired to do any better right now, so do forgive me!* Spring break is around the corner, and I look forward to finally having some "me time." It's exciting to think I will be able to read something other than my text books!

So, here I am already nearing the end of another quarter. Finals are next week, which I think I may be in denial about. Ten weeks really do pass so quickly. My classes have been challenging, and extremely demanding of my time - but ultimately so worthwhile. I will especially miss my political science class. It was by far the most interesting, and my professor, who dressed mostly in Bill Cosby sweaters, shared insights which pressed me to think deeply and critically about so many things.  Next quarter will be less interesting, but also less intense (I think/hope). I welcome the break.

Spring is trying so hard to show its face around these parts. I can hardly wait for all of the flowers to bloom. While walking to class today, I could detect a sweetness in the air; a promise that the season is very near.

*Also, in my defense, I sadly cannot seem to transfer my Adobe Design Suite onto my new Macbook. :( It's rather painful.

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