19 May 2013

N E E D    S O M E T H I N G

Feeling a little gloomy whenever I'm alone lately. I think I feel a bit stifled by my environment – this room is not mine, these things don't belong to me. I have been remembering my apartment on Belmont Avenue and missing the space that was all my own. 

I miss the cherry trees that grew outside the windows, and the little birds that would socialize there – and the evening sun, the way that it danced across the building opposite mine, scattering little rays of light across my room – and the familiar noises, like the click and hum of the heater (my electricity bill was so expensive!) – baking and listening to podcasts in my kitchen, and having picnics on the floor of the living room while watching bad redbox movies...

It was pretty romantic. 

The sunshine just broke through the clouds and is warming my face. That helps a little bit.

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