21 January 2014


Really loving the bright colors of these Matisse paintings lately. I'd love to have a huge print of the first one on my wall someday. A perfect palette. And, it reminds me of warm, Spanish summer days – a feeling I miss more than just about anything.

Winter quarter is rolling along at a very slow speed so far. Despite taking sixteen credits, I haven't been very busy. It is nice in a way, but it's making me pretty lazy. I tend to work better under some pressure, but there has been very little if any at all over the past few weeks. So instead of being productive, I find myself watching one rerun after another of The Good Wife.

Man, I love that show.


  1. I agree on all points: the Matisse (I only saw the ones in MOMA, still breathtaking!), the longing for Spanish summer days and The Good Wife (which I think is quite underrated). So glad to pop in to your site again, Alyson. Cheers!

  2. There was a Matisse exhibit in the museum in which I worked for 3 months now. It was super crowded all the time- but in the mornings when the museum was still closed & I had some time with the paintings on my own- I could smell springtime while looking at them : )