30 January 2008


Nathan & I eating birthday cake.

Happy Birthday to my (not-so-little) little brother, David! He's 19 now. The whole family came over for dinner last night - but his birthday was actually on Monday. I love spending time with them. Especially my little cousins. Nathan is so smart and funny. I wish I had recorded some of the things he said and did last night. He's the funniest little kid I've ever known.

There are more pictures from last night at home on my computer (I'm at work). I might post those later.

I played guitar hero with my other brother Daniel all night - so much fun. I can't wait to get off work today. I'm going to go straight home and practice so I can beat him when he gets home from school. We have become such good friends over the past few months. He referred to himself as my best friend the other day. haha - it was pretty cute. He's such a great kid. I'm proud because he's turning out to be more like me than my other siblings. We're into the same things, unlike David and I, who I love completely... But basketball and rap just aren't my scene. Daniel will shop at Value Village with me and sit and watch the same episodes of The Office over & over again with me. We always laugh just as hard as we did the first time we saw it. Not to mention, he craves Shnoo just about as often as I do. I'd say the only thing we don't see eye to eye on is his love for neon. I can't stand neon.

It's really nice now that my siblings and I are all starting to even out our age gaps again. The four of us hang out and have such fun together. I was hoping to plan a road trip down to LA in the spring as a birthday present to David. He's dying to go on The Price Is Right, but nobody's spring breaks match up, so that probably can't happen until the summer or something. It will be so great if that works out, though.

I've been trying to plan lots of things for myself so that I have things to look forward to - and to try and distract myself from all that is going wrong in my life (i.e.; literally everything). I can say without any hesitation that December-January have absolutely been the hardest times of my life - and due to even more recent events, there's no end in sight. However, I'm trying to be optimistic and positive (as much as it might not sound like I am).

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