14 February 2008

valentine's day

I have three dates tomorrow. I am one lucky girl.

This has been an extremely strange week so far! Monday I was spoiled more than I think I ever have been. I was treated to lunch, flowers and semi-expensive gifts. Today I had a bizarre run-in with someone from my distant past... I was at Barnes & Noble running an errand when I walked up to the cashier and I realized that I knew her. She didn't recognize me at all (I looked very different when I knew her). When I told her my name, her response was, "Oh. Yeah. You're the girl I named my baby after." She sounded almost angry... All of the girls at the registers turned and stared at me. It was quite possibly one of the most uncomfortable moments in my life. Long story short: I knew this girl when I was 14. We went to church together. She got pregnant, nobody else would speak to her once the word got out except for myself and a couple other girls. My mom founded a crisis pregnancy center in the early 80's and because of that had access to maternity clothes and everything else that an expecting mother could need. So, we were sort of the ones who took her under our wing - which resulted in her naming her baby girl after me. I haven't seen her since then, I don't think. Alyson (her daughter) is 8 years old now. Eight years... Somehow I felt guilty in that awkward moment that I hadn't kept in touch with her. I never would have even thought of it if I hadn't run into her, though. So anyway, I agreed to sit down with her on her lunch break and catch up. I was hoping to hear some great story about how her life had changed drastically after that point. But sadly, not much has... She seems to be making the same mistakes over and over again (more pregnancies, an abortion, drugs, etc).

It just seems like all these strange little events keep occurring. Those aren't the only things, but I don't care to blog about the rest. Besides, one of my dates is at 9:45 tomorrow morning and I need my beauty sleep!

Happy Valentine's Day. I hope you spend it with someone special!


  1. Hello Aly, I got the link to this blog from your livejournal one a little bit ago. :) But is the girl you're talking about start with the letter W? That's so crazy... I'm kind of sitting here at my desk stunned. It's strange how even though we forget about people life goes on for them. I mean it shouldn't be, but it is. She'll be in my thoughts.

  2. Yes, you know exactly who I'm talking about. It was so, so strange. I had completely forgotten about that phase of my life until I saw her. She was bringing up things I couldn't remember at all. It was really weird.

  3. I want to hear about these dates! I hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day. The image you posted is perfect. And the cashier story - eek. Will you be keeping touch, or probably not the best thing for you to be around?

  4. The dates were my sister, my friend Jen, and originally was supposed to be my best friend Dagny - but ended up being Peggi (Skye's mom) instead. Best dates ever!

    I don't know... I'm don't think it's a good idea. I just feel like it would be a toxic relationship, you know? Which is really something I don't need in my life right now. And besides, she and I have absolutely nothing in common. I always have felt almost obligated to "reach out" to people like that - but I can't fix them. Besides, I'm the one right now who needs fixing.