11 March 2008

I hope

My new home will hopefully look something like these pictures. This is what I have always wanted. A studio in a 1920s bricker with hardwood floors, high ceilings, bay windows, a clawfoot bath tub, a walk-in closet, tiled bathroom & kitchen floors, original cabinetry, etc. I check craigslist every day and search for a place on Capitol Hill for under $800 a month. I have found a few, some starting at $725 which is almost unheard of. I realize I'll have to sacrifice a lot of these things in order to find something I can realistically afford but... ugh.

My sister and I have considered moving out together as an alternative, which would probably be fine since she is my best friend and we get along so well. I do prefer to live alone, though. She doesn't simply because she knows she'll get lonely, whereas I'm good at being by myself - so I don't think I would. Financially it would make more sense. I've been able to find two bedroom apartments for around $1700 a month, so we would save a little more. We've thought about finding a spacious one bedroom and seeing if we could make that work, too. I don't know though... living on my own just sounds so appealing. This could be my only chance, considering I could be getting married within the next 5 years or something. Not that I have any prospects! I'm just saying - you never know.

I've been collecting my favorite photographs to print & frame. I've been looking online for pretty little things like mirrors, lamps, book shelves, dishes and bedding. I won't be able to afford the things I've found (of course), so some of them I'll have to make myself or find in thrift stores. I've already done some shopping and found a few good little things at Value Village and stuff. Like a little porcelain kitten and some vases for the fresh flowers that I've promised myself I will always have.

Does anybody know of any home decorating sites? Ones that might be similar to what Anthropologie carries? Just maybe a little less... "froofy"? I want to look for more inspiration for decorating ideas!

As soon as this Xbox project is finished and I get my check, my life is going to change so much. So exciting but also a little scary! I can't wait.


  1. I love those photos! So much sunlight, and I was going to comment on those very things - the bay window and tub with feet. I hope hope hope you get something like this.

  2. Ahh, thanks! Me too! I took those from listings on craigslist. This place exists - only I haven't found it in my budget yet. I will though. I have faith!

  3. Ohh! Look!


    If only I had the money now!!!!