18 June 2008

stress management

Okay. I have to focus on something nice for a while to calm myself down!

I was thinking the other day that I really should document this chapter of my life in pictures a lot more. This is such a wonderful, important time and I want to be able to look back and have visual reminders of the people, places and memories. So, I started the other day when my sister and I were sitting down at the kitchen table for our gloriously fancy dinner of cheese, crackers and fruit. We had just gotten home from a day of lunch in the park, shopping for flowers, fruit and bread at Pike Place and wandering around down town. She was half naked (wearing only her bra, half-slip and sandals - so cute!), sewing a button onto her dress, while I stuffed myself with peaches, apples and goat cheese. It had been a beautiful, sunny day - which we have been seeing very little of in Seattle so far. Our kitchen was bright and warm, we were in a great mood. It was just one of those moments that struck me as being a very special one, but one that might slip from my memory eventually. I didn't want to forget it, so I grabbed my camera.


I did come up with another option after thinking about this whole Nordstrom predicament for a while. I think I should see if my other ex-POV assistant manager might need cashier help (rather than sales) in TBD at the down town store. That would make a lot more sense on so many levels. It would be so much less stressful. I would be able to walk to work every day - which means saving anywhere from $150 to $200 in gas every month. This idea relaxes me a ton. I think I will walk down there later today or tomorrow morning to talk to her.

Sigh. I hate money.

Alright. Tae says I can handle it. I'm going to keep telling myself that. I feel a little bit better now.


  1. The scene of your sister sewing in her half-slip etc. and you eating the fruit & cheese was so nice. ♥

  2. aw, we really need to talk more. i'll be back to working full time tomorrow morning.

  3. I will try to be online more - but we'll see! anthropologie is hiring again. before I commit to nordstrom again I think I'm going to see if they will hire me for the summer and then maybe I could stay on part time and keep my discount!

  4. love the picture, it really captures the moment.