11 December 2008


Cathy wrote a song about me and our magical December day two years ago. I cried while listening to it. I am not so sure I deserve something so sweet, but I must say that right now, I needed her kindness. You can listen to it here and the lyrics are below.

by Cathy Tang/Macmacmac
I've been dreaming of this lovely scene
we're singing by the Christmas tree
your smile, so warm and breathtaking
the stars are talking, can you hear?

ride on a merry-go-round with me
our laughters will jingle in a spin
your eyes, so blue and so starlit
this night's a cuddly baby blanket

la la la ......

come with me

sailing across the sea, I will be
blowing sunlights to all your misty dreams
December snow is not that freezing
as long as you're here with me