09 December 2008



  1. she kind of reminds me of you, but with dark hair.

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  4. Holly - Funny you should say that... I tried to go back to my natural darker blonde and it didn't really work.

    Lis - I don't know why you deleted your comment because you were exactly right.

    Tiffany - Considering the fact that you have been following my blogs for a few years, I am honestly surprised you would mention anything pertaining to S. I am more aware of the Fleet Foxes success than I'd like to be. I avoid knowing where they are and what they're doing as much as I possibly can. It has been tremendously heartbreaking and hard for me to try and let go of him and move on. I don't need any more reminders of the apparent truth that he was able to very quickly fall out of love with me and cast his feelings aside, move on to somebody else too soon and leave me behind when I was the one who stood by him, supported him, encouraged him, devoted myself to him and repeatedly tried my best to love him, build his self-esteem and never failed to tell him how talented he was. I was his biggest fan. I was his best friend. I went to every single show - and I was there for all of the right reasons.

    So I'm sorry if this sounds bitter . Maybe it is. I am not trying to lash out at you - but I just wish people would get it. I am hurting, and not only over this right now - but by many other, trying, difficult and deeply painful things.

    The last thing I want to think about, talk about or hurt about is my ex-boyfriend, ex-best friend, and lost love being in the top 50 albums of Rolling Stone or whatever else. Good for him, but I most definitely do not care to know.

    Kassi - I love you too. Thank you for your phone call, for your attempts to protect me and for being such a caring, thoughtful and compassionate person. If only the world had more people like you in it - it would be a much better place.

  5. haha i love you. I didn't want to start anything so i deleted it! im glad you saw it tho. :-)