29 December 2008

home again

I have been on a much needed vacation that as long as it was, did not last long enough. Especially after hearing on the radio this morning that many European countries get anywhere from 4 to 5 weeks of paid vacation! It snowed more in Seattle than I think it ever has in decades. For me, that resulted in four paid snow days plus a weekend which equals a lot of fun! Ashley and I tromped around the Hill for six days, drinking hot chocolate, spending time with friends and cuddling up with good books and movies.

On Tuesday afternoon, my family and I left for Medford. Seeing the family was just fine, but being with Anastasia restored me. We had gone so long without seeing each other (9 months), that after a while, she just started to seem like a dream or distant memory. When I heard a small knock on my grandma's door, I flung it open, threw my arms around her and cried, “You’re real!” We held hands and took a walk at 1am in the pouring rain through the graveyard. We were cold and soaked and it was wonderful.

I am so in love with my friend. She is so beautiful and precious and sweet. She makes me laugh so hard and we can be the silliest girls and not care what anyone else thinks. The past five days have been full of long walks, good talks, dancing, cuddling and dumb jokes.Anastasia was meant for me. She is the friend that I never had and always needed. My soul feels full when I am with her. It is so unlike any other friendship I have ever had before.

I saw my other friends, Brette, Evan, Thom, Kate, Joel, David & Chelsea, too, but mostly spent my time at Anastasia and Nate's house. We didn't do anything, really, just sat around, laughed, talked, sang, danced and snuggled on the couch. It's funny how mine and Anastasia's friendship sounds like the perfect love affair, which I suppose it is, only in friendship form.

It was so hard to leave yesterday. I realized while driving home yesterday that I did not miss my life in Seattle for a second while I was gone. There were people and friends that I thought about and missed, but the rare connection I have with my friends there is unlike any other I've had throughout my entire life. Anastasia described being around one another as magical. She feels like something spcecial is happening whenever all of us are together. Sometimes I wonder why it took us so long to find each other, considering we were so near to one another ever since childhood.

So, now I am home and back to real life. Real life is definitely an accurate way of describing it, since for me being with Anastasia and my other dear friends feels nothing less than how she described it, as magical, special and very much like a dream.

I am at work (nannying) as I write this. This is Baby Kai, he is napping right now. He has changed so much since I last saw him two weeks ago! I missed him very much. He has become so much stronger and more aware of the world around him. He looks around instead of staring at me, kicks his legs, stands pretty easily when I hold him up and has started to feel more like a sturdy baby, rather than a soft little pudding boy. He is absolutely darling. I have completely fallen in love with him. I love little babies, but also cannot wait until he has grown, can go on walks with me and have conversations. We are going to have so much fun together.


  1. Aly he is such a cute baby. How fun. I can't wait to meet him.