19 December 2008

snow day no. 2

Yesterday, Ashley in the snow. More here!

I was putting on my boots and was about to step outside when Kate called and told me to stay home. A second snow day! Now I am cozy and once again tucked away in bed.

Yesterday Ashley and I spent the day together. It was so nice, I haven't seen her in what seems like a month. It was our first chance to spend time together in a very long time. It tends to be that way fairly often, unfortunately.

We woke up to the snow and I danced around the apartment with much excitement. Ash made fun of me and told our mother over the phone that I was acting like an overstimulated puppy. We bundled up, went shopping for more appropriate snow attire, went home, re-bundled up and then walked to 15th for hot chocolate at Victrola. We tried to read our books for a while, but it was so loud and busy that I got too distracted and couldn't concentrate. So we went to the grocery, bought a few treats and went home.

We made homemade macaroni and cheese from scratch, (which we ate too much of and both had tummy aches later) watched "Horton Hears a Who" (we wanted "Home Alone" but the magical movie box was all out) and worked on Christmas decorations... The very same decorations that I started on over a month ago and never finished. That's pretty typical. Since I don't have anything to do until 5pm, I am going to devote myself to finishing those today. But first, I am going to take a nice snoozey.

I love snow days.

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