04 February 2009

circus pup

I am writing a book. I have been working on it for several weeks. It is going to be about circus bears, life, love, broken hearts and broken paws, hope, friendship, roller skates and dreams. Every day something new pops into my head, which makes it a little difficult sometimes to stick to the plot.

I am very excited about it.


  1. i want to hear the new stuff you wrote!

  2. Hey Aly, it's Hillary Witte. There's this blog that I'm a really big fan of (Brazen Careerist by Penelope Trunk) and she just wrote a really cool post about being an artist. As you always come up in my mind when I think "artist," I thought I'd send it to you. Penelope is super smart and funny and has a really good take on jobs and life and stuff. I keep an eye on your blog from time to time and really like when you post pics of the stuff you're working on, and I hope everything's going well with you!