23 November 2010

the first snow

Ashley in the snow storm of 2008.

The snow is beautiful, but I cannot deny that it is making me feel a little sad this year. With our last big snow, I was surrounded by my family of friends which members of have either moved away, or the season of our friendship came to an end. I was also beginning to fall in love, and that love was a great love but has also gone. I miss my friends, I miss my love. I miss the warm weather, too - but mostly the warmth of those times.

My apartment is very, very cold. The windows seem to have a leak. I have a lot of windows and so, there are many cold drafts passing through constantly. I have to wear three layers of almost everything just to stay comfortable. It is 16 degrees outside, and if you know me, you know that I hate being cold. So you can imagine the slight grumpiness of my mood and the pinkness of my nose, sitting huddled up on my couch under blankets and multiple cups of hot cocoa and tea.

I really like the idea of winter; of bundling up against the cold, locking yourself indoors to bake and watch movies, read books and make things. I like that the snow slows everything down and quiets the city - but the cold! I hate the cold. Nevertheless, I am at least happy to be home and a have a place of my own. I am finally glad to be alone (well, sort of) and have found my solitude to be comforting rather than depressing or lonely. Now I look forward to days when I can spend my time reading, crafting, writing and snacking all by myself, in my lovely place. So I suppose I have the cold, cold snow to thank for putting me in just the right mood for all of these things.

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  1. Thank you! I am going to see if I can get my landlord to take care of it for me. I just had the idea (while shivering and shaking whilst baking Thanksgiving Day dessert) that maybe stuffing saran-wrap in the cracks where the leaks are would be, if anything, better than nothing. I think (hope) it's working!