25 November 2010

give thanks

10 Moments that remind me of what I'm thankful for:

1. Walking hand-in-hand with Gramma, 2. Silly moments (and ice cream!) with my sister, 3. Special and lasting friendships, 4. Lovely ladies - friends who inspire me, comfort me and fill my heart with gladness, 5. Traveling and sharing once-in-a-lifetime moments with a treasured and much loved one, 6. Kai - his snuggles, his laugh and the joy he brings me, 7. My parents - their love, support and their ability despite being parents, to make sure their children also know that they are human (makes it easier when I mess up), 8. This earth, it's beauty and mysteries, 9. A home, a place to call my own, 10. My childhood and my life up to this point - it's all been pretty wonderful.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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