09 November 2010

in new york

1-8. My first full day in New York was spent at Storm King Art Center, where most memorably, I got my very first tick bite. That little bug burrowed itself into my thigh and nearly sent me into a panic when Lyme Disease was mentioned. Blech! It was removed and I survived.
9. Delicious Babycakes.
10-12. The Cloisters - a beautiful and peaceful escape from the city. Did you notice the kitty cat in the little wooded garden? This branch of the Met is so lovely and The Unicorn Tapestries are incredible! I couldn't resist purchasing a small print of The Unicorn in Captivity.
13. Waiting, waiting...
14. I want to sing, "How much is that doggy in the window?"
15-16. Babycakes, again.


  1. hello, i'm luke. this is more in response to the post after this, but i'm posting here cos i feel it's more appropriate. i like alot of the photos you take. the way they look or something. i think i've followed this blog for maybe a year or so. i found out by means of a mutual acquaintance--stephen morris. i blog from time to time at diefienddie.blogspot.com.

    some your photos have this very calm and peaceful feeling.

  2. Stephen is a very good friend of mine! How do you know him?

    Well, I think that makes a lot of sense because I have found lately, when taking a picture, that I am drawn to capturing quiet moments. I have been growing tired of living in a city and tend to feel so much - well, just better - when I'm in big, open spaces with trees and skies and less people. My sister and I visited the Cloisters in New York, and although that is far from being "in nature", I immediately felt so relieved once we were there, surrounded by trees rather than buildings. Breathing is so much easier in that type of environment. So, I suppose that could be where the peace and calm comes from!

    Thank you for reading and saying hello!

  3. i know him from capernwray. winter term. i imagine you met him in the spring.

    yeah i remembered the title of this post. it's interesting cos most times any pictures falling under this title would naturally consist of a very urban busy large city look...cos after all, that's new york. but it's not. it's a state, too. with pretty upstate country.

    and you're very welcome for saying hello. i don't have a whole lot of visitors to my blog, as far as i know, but i'm rather fond of it. you're welcome to check it out if you like.