10 November 2010

a letter to you

Dear friends & followers,

I have been fretting over my etsy shop as of late. I have been wracking my brain trying to come up with other ways to draw attention to it and create a good collection of people who actually have a need for baby clothes & other things. I recognize that the readers eyes I've caught on this blog aren't necessarily the baby bearing ones, so I've started another blog solely for Little Dipper. For those of you who have any desire to follow the Little Dipper blog, please do! And if you wouldn't mind helping me spread the word, that would be really lovely. I have been so excited about my shop and am hoping that it will help direct me to bigger and better things in my future (perhaps a non-baby shop). However, it's been pretty slow lately and I have been feeling a little discouraged about it. I have sent out a few emails to other big time bloggers that have seemingly gone unnoticed, or perhaps have gotten lost in the hundreds of other emails those ladies probably get daily. I was hoping that since I got so lucky with Joanna Goddard over at A Cup of Jo, that perhaps someone else might fancy my shop just as much and lend me a helping hand, too. As of yet, that hasn't quite panned out. So, I am hoping the blog will help a bit. If anybody has any self-promotion tips or ideas, please do pass them along! I need all of the advice I can get!

Now, a note about this little ol' blog of mine. Marmunia started when I left my Livejournal (visit only if you must - so many embarrassing & transitional years spent there!) and needed a place that was just for me, where I could collect in one place all of the things I enjoy. I never really expected or thought that anybody would pay attention, but I am glad that some people seem to. My following may be small, but I am happy for each of you nonetheless. I have always enjoyed blogging a lot. It is very fun for me, and there is also something therapeutic about sending my own little thoughts and wishes out into the word wide web. The only thing that I am beginning to miss from Livejournal days are the readers who so faithfully left their comments. Let it be said that I am not wagging a finger at you, dear readers. I myself am not good at commenting on the blogs that I read religiously, either. However, I am trying to be better about that recently. All I'm saying is, that it was really nice then to hear about the thoughts and feelings that my silly little postings inspired in other people. I imagine it would be just as nice, if not nicer now. So I suppose I am encouraging each of you that stop by here to introduce yourselves and maybe pipe up every once in a while!

Anyhow,  I hope to hear from each of you sooner or later. And again, please do follow me over at Little Dipper if you feel so inclined!




  1. ah, so often i think "i should comment on this post." but so much of what you post is comment-worthy, that i end up thinking "well, then i would be commenting all the time! on every post!" well. better on every post then on none at all?

    you should know though that your blog is one of my all time favourites. just lovely lovely lovely stuff. it's cozy and warm and honest and real. you seem like a genuine, kind, sweet, beautiful person. ...ok, now i'm getting sappy on the internet. sorry, i just came home from a party where wine was free flowing. (this is probably a good place to end.)

  2. i read your blog since idrewhearts and i always loved your illustrations and pictures. you should post more illustrations, if you still draw. :)

    greetings from poland.

  3. As a Cap Hill resident I have harbored the dream that I could be your friend in real life, but I feel privileged just to read your blog and your images brighten my day

  4. Hi Aly,

    I'm a long time follower of yours (way back from LiveJournal!) and I never comment but I come and visit often and enjoy looking at your lovely photos and words. You are so inspirational and even though I have never met you, you exude kindness and gentleness right through the screen :) That's what keeps me coming back. Anyway I just wanted to drop by and say hello! I will do my best to spread the word about your great little shop and have already favorited you on Etsy. Best wishes!


  5. That is really sweet! I totally know what you mean - I've definitely had my share of "girl crushes" and have day dreamed about being friends with them. This is one thing my little sister has never understood about me - so it's nice to know that there are other girls out there who get it!

  6. Baby play dates were exactly what I was going to suggest! Too bad.

    You must try Babycakes if you can! I am a serious pastry lover and am pretty skeptical for the most part of gluten-free baking, mostly because all of the gluten-free options I've tried taste like beans. Babycakes however, is truly delicious and worth the trek! If you go, I recommend the biscuits with strawberries & cream. I'm thisclose to having my sister ship me a few -- they're that good!

  7. Hello, Janie! Thank you for your kind words. I do my best to be as genuine as I can without revealing too, too much about my personal life. I have actually been going through a very hard time lately, so hearing from the ladies who come here to listen to my little ramblings is special and encouraging. I do love that there are people out there that I'm able to share this tiny, though valuable, part of my life with.

    Thank you for saying hello!

  8. hi lady! if i knew of any babies in need of little dipper wear, i'd certainly pass it along, but as a college student, i don't really, unfortunately. i've followed you since your lj idrewhearts, and your posts have always been the comfort food to my blog reads. i'm the lady who received your wonderful "things to do in seattle" list. i wish all the luck in the world to you, & if i think of anything that might help your cute shop, i'll shoot a comment over to you!

  9. Sorry for the untimely response! Thank you for saying hello, after all of these years! I'd love it if you piped up more often. :)