28 January 2011

this is my bliss

(Forgot camera at Mom & Dad's house - but I couldn't resist photographing this process. 
The plums were so pretty! If only the pictures accurately reflected that.)

The colors of eggs, sugar and cream together in a bowl, rolling out pastry dough and then using my fingers to press it into a little tart pan, the birth of delicious little plum and custard tartlets, afternoon tea and conversation with a lovely lady, and the anticipation of a date night with Dad. These are the elements of a happy friday.


  1. oh yes, this is definitely bliss!

  2. have you ever considered going to baking school? everything you make looks positively scrumptious!

  3. Why yes, actually! I've considered it quite a few times - I'm always waffling back and forth between things I'd like to do. However, yesterday, while making the tartlets, I decided that I really, seriously should go. I'm looking into programs and hoping I can figure something out. Many of the pastry chef programs require a full time commitment, which will be difficult for me to arrange since I need to work to support myself. I'm going to figure it out, though!