28 January 2011

makeover part two

Based off of your comments, these are the three I've narrowed it down to. My favorites are the white with the black cottonwood and the circle, so for now I am using the third option. I think it looks pretty nice! What do you think?

option no. 1

option no. 2

option no. 3

Thank you all for your thoughts!

Ps. I love a little touch of pink too much to exclude it. So, when you hover over a link, there is a flash of pink!


  1. where did "marmunia" come from?

  2. When I started writing in this blog, I was going through a really rough break up, amongst other hard things. There is a Wings song by Paul McCartney called, Mamunia, which at the time, really lifted my spirits. The lyrics I felt I could sort of adapt to my situation and it helped as a reminder to adjust my attitude whenever I was feeling discouraged. The song is about rain, and how most people complain about it, but sometimes something that feels like a bad thing can be a good thing - it's usually about our attitudes. So, as I was facing something that was very negative and hard for me, I decided to focus on the positives of all that I did and had. It was really the main thing that helped me get through that time.

    So, kind of mawkishly sentimental - but it worked for me. As for the spelling difference, I didn't want to worry about copyright stuff, and I didn't want my blog to get lost among Wings lyric searches!

    Some friends now will tell me that Marmunia sounds like an imaginary world, like Narnia or something. In a way, that's sort of what this blog is for me; a place to escape to that's all my own. Also very corny, but I like that. :)