27 January 2011


After giving some thought to a conversation with Caitlin last weekend, I've decided to give this blog a bit of a facelift. I have been happy and comfortable with it's simplicity, but I think she was right about giving it a little more of a personal touch. In a way, it is kind of funny that this blog has looked the same ever since I started writing in it a few years ago; especially considering how not too long before that, I was changing the design and layout of my livejournal every week. Those of you who read it are bound to remember a few, I'm sure. Some of them were pretty difficult to look past. 

I quickly designed some simple ideas and then passed them along to a friend of mine who is a professional designer. I have consulted him for various things over the years, and I trust his judgment - but I thought I'd check to see what everyone else thinks. For the record, his favorites are the black rule with the cottonwood, and the circle also with the cottonwood across it.

(Best viewed at enlarged version.)

I've already made a few small changes to the layout and such. Take a peek if you're reading from a reader like Feedly, or something.

Ps. Another thing I'm wondering is; would anyone prefer that I post my photos at a larger size? 


  1. i love it! especially the pink glowing one

  2. i actually like the pink glow one - reminds me of summer. but maybe its a bit too large as a logo.

    i like the white w/cottonwood as a header, but the black circle/w cottonwood as a logo. and the first font

  3. the white on black is so elegant

  4. i love the cottonwood, with the black font on the white background.