17 February 2011


The summer of 2009 was the best summer of my life. The weather was amazing, I had the lovliest group of ladies that I spent nearly all of my time with, eating ice cream cones and swimming daily. At the time, I was also falling in love. Everything was easy and beautiful. When I remember that summer, I become incredibly wistful; my heart swells and all I can recall is magic. Kai was only 11 months old, and we would spend our afternoons laying in the back yard under a big white tent. We read books, napped and watched for bugs in the grass. If I had to choose one time in my life to return to, that would be the one. 

When Kai woke up from his nap today, he wanted to "play K-A-I" (meaning, he wanted to type his name over and over again on the computer. Kai is 2 and a half and he can count over 20, spell his name, knows his alphabet and can read - or at least recognize some words). Instead we found ourselves looking through the hundreds of photos and videos I've managed to accumulate over the years since I became his nanny. It's probably a little silly, but a strong sense of nostalgia washed over me when I saw this little video; the light from the sun pouring in through the windows, the birds chirping, and Kai's sweet pre-talking baby noises. I can tell just from the look on my face how happy and at peace I was during that time. 

I cannot wait for days like those to return, and I trust that they will. Hopefully soon.


  1. Alyson,
    I believe that you're the sweetest, the most beautiful creature on earth, full of truth and love. You deserve the best and soon will be fully happy again. Trust me on this.
    All the best from me to you,

  2. I have been reading your blog since few months, and every post makes me think of you as my soul mate, I guess. Most of the times I feel the same as you do, just started to live on my own, in another country... With this new path in my I life, I lost some friends, my love, and I all those memories, sences you recall are very close and dear to me as well.
    And I think writing to you, wishing you what I truly wish you is in a way convincing myself, that I will find happiness too...again... soon.

    And of course, you deserve the compliments. I believe I have an intuition to people. I know we have never met, and the ocean stand between us, but I believe in your truth. And I think, that people should say nice things to eachother- it makes our world shine ;)