18 February 2011

in the morning

Most days I leave home around 8am to catch the bus; the skies are just getting light but the sun is not high enough to peek through my windows. When I return home it is dark, so I hardly ever get to enjoy the daylight in my own home.

This morning I rose early to take my parents to the airport, and when I returned it was that time of the morning when the sun greets my apartment with a happy, warm glow. Sun spots are so calming. Sometimes when they appear on the building across the street from me, I sit at my kitchen table and just look at them. The sun recharges my heart and spirit.

It's going to be a beautiful day. It's a shame that I have to commit myself to lots of bed rest, but I feel so exhausted and sick. Luckily I have a four day weekend, giving lots of time to regain my health. Maybe I'll be able to make an outing later for more tea, ginger, lemon and soup.

The sun spots have moved through my apartment and are on their way to grace someone else's home, so now I can tuck myself in and get some more sleep without feeling like I'm missing something special.


  1. i love the photo of the flowers. i agree that is the best time of the day.

  2. such beautiful light in your lovely space. the sun also recharges my heart and spirit--nicely put. :) i hope you feel better this coming weekend and get plenty of rest!