18 February 2011

journals, sketchbooks & daily planners

Bed ridden and slightly bored, I found myself leafing through memories of the past few years. I tend to mix up my schedules, ideas, sketches, recipes and thoughts, not keeping them contained in their intended places. None of it is at all organized (which is probably the only area of my life that isn't. I can be a little manic about making sure everything is in it's right place). 

I had forgotten many of the things I had written about; dreams I had to scrawl down after awaking in the middle of the night, conversations with someone that I wanted to keep, thoughts on the ones I love or moments I wanted to last forever. I haven't been doing much of this lately and I probably should be. It's nice to look back and remember where I've been and be able to clearly see where I've come since then. 


  1. Thank you, Luke! I'd like to see your drawings sometime.

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