07 February 2011

a full weekend

I have been bedridden for the past 36 hours with some type of unkind virus, and now am writing from bed still not feeling top notch just yet. I was so proud of myself for getting through most of the winter without coming down with anything, especially since I work with children who are constantly coughing, sniffling and sneezing. 

The first half of my weekend was quite lovely. Caitlin's birthday was on Friday, so at her request I made her favorite cake (probably my favorite, too) and threw a nice little two person party in my living room. I made some grey (her favorite color) fringy streamers and hung them in the entry way in an attempt to really birthday-up the place. If I could have hung more, I would! We spent the afternoon sipping chamomile tea and noshing on cake. I had a wonderful time. I think she did, too

On Saturday, Sarah and I went to the paper store (I needed to stock up on supplies for Little Dipper). Then we made a delicious brunch of sauteed leeks, onion, mushrooms and apple chicken sausage all wrapped up in some fresh eggs from her parent's chickens. We also threw together some yogurt parfaits with strawberries, honey and crushed pistachios; three of my favorite things. While I wrapped etsy orders, we watched a movie, Cryus - which was not what I had expected it to be, but still sweet and a little funny/weird. That evening, Skye came over ("This - being the picture of him wearing my sweater - better not show up on some blog somewhere." Sorry, pal - you asked for it!) for a bit, and we went to his friend Andrew's show together. I had not heard Andrew's band, Heatwarmer, before - but they were really very, very good. I would have to say that their recordings don't accurately capture how great they actually are. Everybody at the show was clearly there for them, they knew all of the songs by heart and sang along and danced to each one. So although I couldn't participate, it was a lot of fun to watch everyone else having such a great time. Then... I got home around 2am and suddenly was very ill. I'm not sure where this virus came from - but it's not pretty! 

I slept all day yesterday, and when I could stay awake long enough I would watch a Woody Allen movie. I have been trying to watch all of them, as I hadn't seen many until recently. I started watching Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sex - but shortly into it, I had to turn it off. The best part of that movie were all of the pink eared bunnies at the beginning. Sometimes I like Wood Allen's films, and other times I really can't stand them. 

Writing this was fairly exhausting. Back to bed I go. 

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