07 February 2011


I have been scrubbing my face with sugar per my friend Julia's recommendation. Skin is so soft and I imagine probably a bit sweet! Ooh!

Mustering some strength this afternoon, I was able to make the one and a half block journey to the grocery store. I bought some bread and jam, after spending all of yesterday not being able to eat a thing yet wanting toast so badly. Toast is the cure to all ailments. My mother taught me this.

Also, just heard that my little brother is moving to Virginia. Errggh.

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  1. He was offered a job by some family friends. It will be a really good thing for him, I think. He needs something to do, and it will get him out of Seattle which he never would choose to do on his own. I think it's supposed to be temporary, but I will miss him! It's just kind of ironic that of all places he could be going to for work, Virginia happens to be the one.