23 February 2011


My friend Caitlin is opening a new shop and just shared some of the images of what will soon be available. I love these pictures so much; they are so soft and pretty. I am really looking forward to seeing the site when it's done and, need I even say, do some shopping! Soon you can do the same at shopmetrode.com.

On a different note entirely, I closed a car door on my thumb this evening. There was a lot of blood and tears, but it doesn't appear to be broken. It's rather difficult to type as quickly as I'd like to with one hand, so I may go on a bit of a blogging break for a day or two.


  1. wow, it drew blood.. yikes/ouch! sorry for your poor thumb, thanks so much for this post & your comments about the images (especially given your present condition).. they reflect quite a lot of work & obsessing!

  2. How's your thumby?

  3. It feels better than it looks!