13 February 2011

pen palling

My sweet girl Anastasia was telling me how discontented she is with the weather in Southern Oregon, so while out with Kai and Asher that morning, I collected some lambs ear and rosebuds off of the sidewalk. I sent the flora in hopes of delivering some signs of spring to the snowy valley of Medford. I am not sure if they will arrive still pink and lively, but for sure the lambs ear will be soft and nice to rub between her fingers. That is one of the best ways I have found to soothe myself. 

I paid my uncle a visit this afternoon. The team of trauma doctors agreed he was stable and well enough for surgery, after which they moved him out of the ICU. He was very tired today and feeling quite frustrated by his current co-dependency, but at least we know he is going to get better from now on. He cannot bear any weight on his left side for six weeks, so I plan to visit him regularly and tend to him as much as I can. I have some hope that by the time those six weeks are up, spring will be here and he will be able to go outdoors and enjoy a - most likely short - but nice walk. Until then, perhaps he could use a nice bunch of lambs ear for soothing, too. 

Thank you all for your kind words, thoughts and prayers. My family and I appreciate it so much.

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  1. I am sending strength & healing prayers to you and your family. Your Uncle is lucky to have you, it sounds like you are being a wonderful nurse!

    ps. The rosebuds & lambs ears remind me of when I was young and my Nana would always let me pick a lambs ear from her garden, I remember feeling how soft it was rubbing it between my little fingers - oh I do hope Spring comes soon!