13 February 2011

so many cookies

This was a lot of fun.

Sarah and I made lots and lots of shortbread cookies last night. We added crushed pistachios to some and orange zest to others. We made batches of cream cheese frosting with vanilla bean and other batches with raspberry juice (which we extracted ourselves from fresh berries), using different amounts to create different shades of pink. The raspberry frosting on the orange shortbread was delicious! 

Normally when I bake, I like to be alone. I like to concentrate on what I am doing and that way am able to really get into my own space and mind. It is more of a creative and personal process, which is very valuable to me. I also usually prefer to make more "sophisticated" desserts - I like the challenge, and when it comes out perfectly, I find that I am even more proud of it and of myself. However doing simple things like these (shortbread is so easy) with a friend is so much fun; especially when creativity is called for. We were each decorating the cookies in our own way and loved what the other came up with. There then was a bit of daydreaming going on, about birthday cakes and special orders, business ideas and possibilities...

Just maybe! Who knows. 

I have to - want to - get through pastry school first, though. I want to know all of the tricks and the secrets. I want to know all there is to know. I want the expertise, the refined and magic touch!


  1. Yay, thanks! I've decided bigger is better.

  2. I must say this is quite a huge compliment coming from you. You were such a happy discovery of my own; I found you through Hannah & Landon some time ago. I love your photography. I assure you that if we lived in the same city, I'd be honored to do much pie eating and movie watching with you!