07 March 2011


I love my new rings from Portals & Prisms. They were too tiny to fit around my somewhat chubby fingers, and are slightly too big for my pinky. Even still, I think they look rather nice. I feel a little happy when I look at my hand. There's one more set left, if anyone cares to match!

I spent six hours baking in an industrial kitchen for around 200 people last night. I was only mixing brownies and making whipped cream, but it was really fun to spread out and work in a "real" kitchen. The added excitement of people busily preparing a feast of fennel crusted pork with roasted potatoes & pears (so delicious, and far more challenging than my responsibilities!) around me made it all the more so.  I was secretly and happily pretending that I was a real pastry chef. I felt a bit silly accepting compliments for the boxed brownies and whipped cream (which is also all too easy) - but I appreciated their gratitude. It simply made me wonder if any of those people had ever had whipped cream the way it's supposed to be made, rather than straight out of a can. I truly hope not! That would be such a shame. Nevertheless, it felt very good. 


  1. those rings are so beautiful. you should become a pastry chef! i worked in a bakery for awhile & always fantasized about having my own.

  2. I am almost certain that I will. I just have a few things I'd like to do before I get tied into school and a career (I think I'm allergic to that word).

  3. What a beautiful set of rings, and how exciting to cook for people!

    Where is the ring from that is on your ring finger? It is beautiful.

  4. Thank you! It was a gift that my aunt's very first boyfriend gave her. He was very poor and saved forever to buy it for her. I found it in my Gramma's jewlery box several years ago and have worn it ever since.