09 March 2011

sunshine ahead

My mind has been fixated on only one idea since Saturday, and so I haven't been able to produce much of anything else to say. I am aching to get out of this place and see something different. I don't want to sit around in Seattle and wait for something exciting to happen. There are so many things I could do here that I know would make me content, but I want to go somewhere and do something exciting. I have been reluctant to announce it so publicly, as I don't know if it's going to work out yet. However, I hesitate to even whisper potential failure out of the fear of creating a self fulfilled prophecy. So, none of that!

I have dreams of traveling to so many places, and so to begin, I am planning to go South. I want to see Central and South America. I have proposed this idea to my sister, and she being my best and favorite traveling companion, agreed that it would be an amazing experience. Our two younger brothers might join us, too. If the four of us could go out into the world like that together, it would be a dream come true. So, if Ashley doesn't get into nursing school (both of us have conflicted feelings about this), then we will make our way southwards in January of next year. 

It will be the perfect time to go. We will just be exiting the delight  of the holidays and can escape the gloom and grey of another long, painful Seattle winter. I would like to travel for at least a month, but ideally longer. There are of course issues of how this will work logistically and financially, as my job will come to an end in September... But, if there is a will, there is a way!

It is very exciting to have something like this to strive for and look forward to.  Even now, as the torrential rain pounds against my windows, I can easily slip into the reverie of foreign lands, warm weather and adventures abroad. They lift my spirits immensely. Also, I think this progesterone in a bottle is pure magic; I have been feeling a million times better - much more myself. Thank goodness.

Image via Flickr.


  1. That sounds so amazing!! It's great that you found something to get excited about and look forward to.
    I'm very inspired by the fact that you're doing something about this - it makes me want to actually do something about all the plans and dreams I have of traveling myself. Ironically enough I would love to travel to the very place you dream of getting away from :)
    I hope it all works out perfectly for you (and your siblings if they join in).

  2. And you are the one who inspired me to think about nannying in Germany! Which, I think I will seriously look into if this South America trip doesn't work out.

    Maybe someday, you and I should do an apartment swap!

  3. Maybe someday we should :)

  4. Randomly stumbled upon this page and read your entry about wanting to go to south america and i can only say that you need to go. I have traveled around mexico and nicaragua on past trips and cant describe how amazing the people and culture is. Get inspired, find some quotes and leave everything behind and do it. "Fear of the unknown is the greatest fear of all"- yvon chouinard. Look up http://www.wwoof.org/ in south america! Im trying to go to peru and around south america again sometime during summer and need someone to travel with so if your are in need of someone to go with let me know

  5. I've considered Wwoofing before. That would be a great way to experience a different country - thanks for reminding me!