02 May 2011

a little treat

I finally made up my mind about which Rennes pouch I wanted and ordered a 5 inch black one. It is so well made, soft and just perfect. It will hold all of my little necessities. Now I really am tempted to get a clutch for the rest of everything else that won't fit in there.


  1. very cute pouch. i love the blue lining.
    Did you see the post on babysitters at A CUP OF JO? always fun to see what other people have to say on that subject.
    btw - i will be returning to NY for the summer to do some more nannying :) i can't wait to go back there.

  2. I did! I haven't had a chance to read through all of the comments yet but I'm curious to see what people are saying about that.

    I actually emailed her not long ago to see if I could be her nanny in the fall. Since she already has a nanny, she said she would put my name and number on a list for her West Village mama friends. It would be amazing if something came of that!

    When will you be returning to New York? That's so exciting!

  3. I definitely enjoyed that post.
    Emailing her was a great idea - she seems like such a nice person. and who wouldn't want to babysit that adorable little boy of hers. I have to say i envy you your place on that phone list :)
    I will be going there in mid-june and returning early august, so it's only for a short period this time, but yes it is very exciting :)