11 May 2011

my jam

Seattle brought us more of its doom and gloom today. Feeling bored with the usual inside games and books, I decided it would be fun to get messy with some flour in the kitchen. So Kai and I made scones from a box (easier with the wee ones). We made some plain and some with berries that I found in the freezer.  Kai is a good and enthusiastic helper. Meanwhile, Asher hovered near by in his baby walker, seemingly very excited about the activity. He's too little for scones, but enjoyed a little helping of raspberry jam. Mmm-mmm!

A good baking session can turn any depressing day into a fun and tasty one. I still wish the sun would come out, though. I'm not sure how much longer I can take it!


  1. i'm sending you lots of sunshine and warmth from here until it gets better in seattle <3

  2. ohhh alyson, those scones look like the best. my sister and her husband always makes these amazing biscuits and they always have good homemade jam to go along with them... this post naturally made me think of that.

  3. It must have worked! We had sun all day yesterday and for most of today. I'm giving you credit!


  4. http://liten-anna.blogspot.comMay 14, 2011 at 3:54 AM

     Wow, good on you! Making the best of the day and showing Kai how to help in the kitchen! I bet he loved it!