09 May 2011

a day late

My beautiful Marmy with her girls (pre-brothers).

Disclaimer: I was with my Mama and Gramma all weekend and without internet, so pardon the tardiness of this post! 

The line of women that I come from are amazing, sweet, smart, talented, strong, beautiful - the epitome of what I hope to become as I grow older, and someday, when I am a mother myself. As a child my mother was the ultimate source of comfort, my angel, my hero. I think it is safe to say that most of us experience a phase where we feel a little estranged from our parents, but having passed through and emerged on the other side, I can say that my mama is still that refuge for me. I don't think I will ever grow too old to be held in her arms and feel the safety and peace that I sought there as a little girl. 

It would take a lot of time and thought to accurately portray the kind of woman that my mother is. She is so many things. There were many times as a child and teenager when my mom was the only friend I had in the world. I have learned so much from her and through watching her, that I simply cannot imagine  the kind of person I would be without her love and example in my life. I can only hope that I will be an ounce of her greatness to my own babies someday.

I spent Saturday evening on a quasi-mothers day date with another very special lady whom deserves much recognition. She is also a mother - not my own, but someone who has often been like one for me, and has been a loyal and loving friend. Peggi, you have been such a huge source of encouragement and understanding in my life over the past 6 years. Thank you for your thoughtfulness, for sharing your talents with me, taking the time to teach me so many valuable things, and for always being my confidant. There were some very difficult times in my life that would have been that much harder to fight my way through without your constant support. You're a beautiful woman, inside and out. My life has been richly blessed by your friendship. 


  1. I love you Aly. I am always here for you.

  2. really nice post here, Aly. and what a pretty photo

  3. I love you, Peggi!

  4. Isn't it sweet? There is a matching one of us with my dad which I'll post on Father's Day.

  5. Oooo how I love that photo. I wish I could have been there to celebrate our Marmy. xxoo