27 June 2011

four days

Early Friday morning I will be sleep walking onto the train, which will speed down the tracks and deliver me to my one and only, Anastasia. Good gosh, I cannot wait! It's been eight months since I last saw her face. I often find myself wondering what her hair looks like these days. I will return home on Sunday, and then it is the Fourth of July. Where has this year gone? 

The clogs and top I was so excited for, even though I received an order confirmation, are out of stock. Of course nobody at Creatures could take the time to inform me of this, so five days later I had to find out myself when I called to inquire about why I hadn't received any sort of note that they had been shipped. What a terrible system. This is the second time this has happened with Creatures of Comfort. I'll have to remember never to order from them again. 

So disappointing. :( I was dreaming daily about slipping those clogs onto my feet. 

Maybe this was the universe's way of shaking it's finger at me.

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