24 June 2011

look & listen

One morning not too long ago, a friend and I shared a waffle with apple smoked bacon, brie and basil at the Ridgeback Cafe. I had Asher with me (Kai was at school), and my priorities included collecting binkis and rattles when we were preparing to leave, rather than my own belongings - so inevitably, I forgot my phone on the table. I wasn't aware that Bryan was there too, just as I wasn't aware that I had left my phone. He, however, did notice and chased me down the sidewalk to return it to me. So now in a way, I am returning his kind favor by sharing him with you. 

I don't know Bryan well, but we share several mutual friends; he is an acquaintance whose reputation surpasses him. He also happens to be a rather talented musician. So, if you watched that video and you care to help make a struggling artist's dreams come true, then you can donate any amount you like on his Kickstarter page. Alternatively, you can support him by purchasing his camera. Before you do either of those things, though, you should now do yourself a favor and take a listen to his music.


  1. i started off thinking this post was about vain ol' me ;)

  2. Don't worry Claire, your time will come! In fact, I was going to link to you in this too, but your blog isn't up yet. xoxo

  3. He is devastatingly beautiful...