28 June 2011

onward & upward

I have been eluding to the desire to leave Seattle for a long while. Various dreams and possibilities have been skipping around my mind, which you know, because I have been voicing them pretty frequently here, although a bit vaguely. I am confident enough now in this decision I have come to that I feel I can and should announce it here, if not for any other reason than to make sure that there's an audience of people holding me accountable! 

Sometime in the fall - probably September, I will be migrating to the east coast, where I will join my sister in New York City, New York. This may be temporary, or it may be a little more permanent - I am not sure quite yet, there are a few different factors I am still sorting out which will decide that for me. All I know is that it's time for a change of scenery; I do enough/too much complaining about my habitat. I've been trying to put my life back together for the past nine months by making baby-steps and now it's time to start making bigger strides. I think relocating to a place where I can get a fresh start and a new perspective on my life is a good place to begin. 

All this to say that I have a lot of stuff to get rid of (and a lot of money that I still need to save up for the move... I will begrudgingly admit that it's probably to my benefit that my Rachel Comey clog dream didn't come true). I am hoping to clean out roughly three-quarters of my closet and only keep the basics, the bare necessities*. To begin I'd like to sell items here, which is something I have tried before, albeit pretty lazily. I will be selling some new things, a couple by the likes of A.P.C., Mociun, etc., but mostly nice, gently used vintage clothes and shoes.

Photographing, measuring and posting everything can take up the better half of a day, so I may not get to this for a couple of weeks - but if you trust my taste, if you would please spread the word to your friends when the time comes so that this can be as successful as possible. I may even throw in a few little gifts or something! I have no idea what those would be, but I'm sure I'll come up with some sort of nice perk. 

For whatever reason, it seems appropriate now to get a little sappy and mention how much I love keeping my blog, and how each of you make it all the  more special to me. Journaling has always been something I found that I needed to do - I have somewhere near 20 of them packed full from my teens and early twenties. It's a form of therapy and creative expression for me. Marmunia for a long time now has been a special place where I can document things of importance in my life. There have been many ups and downs since I first wrote here, and being able to send my thoughts and feelings out into a big, unknown space has been extremely necessary for me at times. There may only be a handful who comment, but I know (because my super sneaky stat counter tells me so!) that there are many, many more of you reading - and that means so much to me. The support and friendship you continuously offer (some for years and years, which never fails to shock me) makes my heart so glad. Thank you for being here, whether you are silent or not.

Ps. Don't mind the semi-creepy baby things in my closet, just remnants of my childhood!

*Now I have "The Bear Necessities" stuck in my head. What a great song, though!


  1. When you post it up, I'll definitely spread the word!

  2. I am really crossing my fingers you have the same (ish) size foot as I do. My sister is moving to the East Coast in September as well. And I believe sometimes you just gotta do it. Make the leap.

    Right now I am caring for my grandmother who has a limited time left here with us all, and she made a beautiful point that when your life comes to a point where you know the end is near, you do a type of evaluation of it all. Did you love, did you live, did you take the risks, did you say yes more, or no more...

    I hope you do what is right in your heart. All the best.


  3. Aimee,

    I am sorry to hear that your grandma may be leaving you soon. The time you are spending with her must be so precious and valuable to you. I hope you are capturing these moments with her in some photographs - you are so gifted that way.

    My grandma is actually the only factor that would keep me here. She is my heart. I wonder sometimes if I am making a mistake by moving away from her when she is 84 - but your grandma's words make me want to think that it won't be. Those are such important things to keep in mind and live by. Now is definitely one of those times where I feel it's the moment to take some chances. I trust my grandma would want me to take advantage of that - although I haven't asked her how she feels about it yet. ;)

    Ps. I wear a size 8-8.5!

  4. Thank you Holly!

    Argh! Your prints!! Maybe if you give me a deadline I will finally accomplish this.

  5. Yes.  Come to me.  New York is ready and waiting for you, especially your sister.  Oh my gosh.  I cannot imagine having you en cooperated in my everyday life again.  It is too good to be true.


  6. aly, i am so happy for you! most of my best friends are in nyc and i'm still tottering around southern california not knowing what to do with myself after my degree but i'm terrified at that unkown. you are such an inspiration.

  7. thank YOU and good luck my dear :)
    hugs form Copenhagen ! <3

  8. I meant to comment on your earlier post about the Rachel Comey clog fiasco. Arg! Such a bummer! But sometimes these things do work out for the best. Plus, you will have access to Rachel Comey (and other) sample sales in NYC! I think it's so brave to pick up and go someplace new...best of luck!

  9. i'm happy for you that you'll finally be taking this big step!  i hope new york brings good things to your life.  :)  you are so talented and i hope that new york inspires you to create more beautiful art.  

  10. ThegreatlakesgoodsJune 29, 2011 at 4:55 PM

    two things- the same thing happened to me with creatures of comfort before i lived in brooklyn, i had order comey shoes and they never came and they charged me and no word until i inquired and had to have them reverse the charge and everything.  but, their shop in nyc in beautiful and i always find treasures there.  which leads me to the second thing, when you move here, you can go to their shop! but, really i think it's an awesome decision.  i moved here 2 years ago from chicago and i haven't looked back.  it can be hard and frustrating, but also always unpredictable and awesome.  feel free to email me if you wanna chat about it!
    xo rose

  11. That sounds like at great decision. New York is amazing and you'll get to be with your sister. I would love nothing more than to move myself and my sisters overhere as well :) A change of scenery will probably be nice after you finish your job in Seattle anyway. I can imagine it being difficult to carry on with your everyday life in the same surroundings but without your little boys.  The move will give you something good to look forward to when that time comes :)

    Can't wait to see what you'll be selling!

  12. WOW, awesome. Congratulations!! Maybe we will run into each other one of these days then ;) Drop me a line if you ever want to say hello and peer at cute things through store windows.

  13. I have been reading your journal sine bunnyspoons on LJ.
    I have always found you to be of great importance to the times in my life when I feel like I'm alone.
    Is it strange to say I feel close to you?

    I'm gearing up for a big move myself....& well, I'm scared.
    Thanks for being you. I'm so happy you still write.