14 June 2011

un pensée

Just returned from catching Midnight in Paris with my friend, Maya. After all of the charming Parisian talk about rain, walking home in the heavy mist felt so romantic...

And that's about the only time you'll ever hear me say something like that these days!


  1. holy! you added me to your blogroll, thanks Alyson :)
    that is officially the only blogroll i exist on, i think.


  2. Totally! I took a look at your blog after our correspondence about Portland & the place you volunteer at. I liked it & thought you seemed like someone I'd be friends with. So! :)

  3. well then. thanks!
    you are now linked at the bottom of my page :)
    do let me know if you're ever coming this way!

  4. Why thank you! I certainly will. In fact, I plan to head down soon to visit a dear friend. Once everything is arranged, I'll fill you in.

  5.      fantastic.
    samuelsclothing at gmail is my email