04 August 2011

pink & pictures

I picked out a pretty new lipstick (after trying on at least ten others and ultimately looking like a clown) at Nordstrom while out and about with Christine the other night. I never wear makeup aside from mascara, so when I feel like being fancy I'll throw on some red lipstick. I have been growing tired of only having one color to choose from, so this coral shade is a perfectly pink alternative, I think! We also found plenty of other things to yearn for - like Celine sunglasses (so cute, ahhg!) and Rag & Bone boots and sandals. I can't stop thinking about the sunglasses, but don't worry - I know better.

Christine is a very talented photographer, by the way. You may remember some of her pictures that I posted in the past. She is a photography teacher, and so is very skilled in the darkroom. Now that I'm using an analog, she offered to teach me how to process my own film which I couldn't be more excited about. I am hoping we'll get a chance to do that soon.

I am loving my new Canon Powershot, by the way. As it turns out, this one has a few functions that my last one was missing (far less editing needed) - so I'm ever the more grateful for it!

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