25 September 2011

H O P E     A G A I N

(Terrible, terrible pictures! I was so nervous/giddy when I left my place this morning - I forgot the tickets and also my camera. Totally unforgivable!)

My friends and I were very spoiled today. We had the pleasure and very unique opportunity to see Obama speak at the Paramount in Seattle. We were given reserved seats in the front row of the balcony - I was directly in front of the President, maybe only 50 feet away. It was pretty incredible. Afterwards, I was interviewed by the Seattle Times. It will be exciting if that day is documented in the paper for all time and I am lucky enough to be in just a little part of it. Hopefully I didn't say something stupid. 

Such an exciting day and a wonderful memory! I would thank my friend who was the key to all of this if I could - but it will have to stay my/our little secret. 


  1. Wow! That's so awesome... saw that he was coming here, but heard the tickets were loco expensive!

  2. They were! I lucked out.