10 September 2011

N E W     F A C E,    N E W     S T U F F

It seems that Seattle's summers don't begin now until September. We've been having the most beautiful weather, and yet now I find myself flipping through catalogs and magazines, getting excited for fall. Although I suppose it's the clothes I'm looking forward to and the changing trees - but certainly not the weather.

I received the Madewell catalog sometime last week. The paper they used is really nice; it feels more like one of those fancy quarterly magazines rather than a cheap catalog that gets tossed in the recycling almost immediately after it comes through the front door. Also, I must say I cannot wait to see what the Alexa Chung collection is like this season. The video currently on their site makes it look pretty promising.

I've been inspired by the new beginnings that Fall seems to bring (and the Madewell girls) to finally do something about my hair and to try anything in order to attain that strong, beautiful brow I tweezed away as a pre-teen. So I made an appointment with "my girl" and told her my goal was to look like an early 1990s Calvin Klein ad (Does that make sense? Can you picture what I mean by that?). So yesterday, she cut four inches off of my long locks and dyed my eyebrows three shades darker than the darkest part of my hair. After that, we discovered those eyebrows I thought my young self's poor beauty choices had annihilated were still there - they were simply hiding behind very blonde hair. I admit I was a bit terrified at first, but after a quick wax I finally had the brows I've always wanted (they look much thicker/darker in person, I think). 

Yesterday I also finally got a new phone, which was a pretty monumental moment for me as I've been using the same piece of crap for three years. It's not an iphone (and maybe that shouldn't be so important, but I really wanted one) but it does just about everything an iphone does and it's a million times more useful and helpful than the junk I had before. Now, I'm just anxiously awaiting the arrival of this bag (in khaki) and this calf hair clutch

Fall, I'm in no hurry for you to get here - but I'm getting ready for you!


  1. Always such a beauty.  I love your hair that length.

  2. i've always wanted to dye my brows!  the hair on my head is brown but somehow my brows are blonde?  and it looks like i don't have any?  which is not fun.  ok, i'll do it!
    also, loved your last baking post!  yum.

  3. You definitely should! I'm so happy with mine. If anything, I wish they were even fuller!