01 September 2011

S I T K A    &     S P R U C E

Some snapshots of the incredibly tasty brunch Sarah and I shared at Sitka & Spruce last weekend. She and I both contemplated the menu with furrowed brows for so long - it all sounded so delicious that we couldn't pick. Lucky for us a good friend of mine, Suli, works there, so he made up our minds for us and brought out a few dishes (each a surprise, such a fun way to dine!). I can't remember now what each one was specifically, but they were all so, so good. The fava bean soup with the soft boiled egg on top definitely stood out, and Sarah's rose tea was so pretty.

I'm very tempted to go hang out in there for a couple hours this weekend during Suli's shift. It's such a beautiful space. It would be blissful just to sit and read while nibbling on a scone and sipping an iced americano. 

I've taken many digital photos lately that I just haven't had the time to edit and post... Or perhaps the time has been there but Mad Men has me wrapped around it's finger, so... Anyway. Many more pictures & little stories from the last days of summer (weep) to come.

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