03 September 2011

C U T T I N G   T H I N G S   U P

I was asked not too long ago to hang some pieces at a show later this month, but when I realized I hardly had enough to fill the space, I asked Christine to combine forces with me. She and I have been wanting to collaborate for a while, and this was the perfect opportunity. 

So, I spent most of my Friday afternoon in my apartment with Christine, working on our top secret art project (which is not really top secret, I just don't know what else to call it right now). Although, it's not fair to say that we both were working when really, she did all of the work. I mainly just sat in one spot and drank half a bottle of wine over the course of five hours. I also offered moral support, of course. 

I had some artist's block yesterday, but after a long bus ride this morning, I came up with some ideas. I cannot say how I managed to find any amount of inspiration while on the bus, of all places. I suppose the odd characters and activity make for a perfect reason for mental escape and forces the mind to be creative, I guess? Well, now I can say that I am really excited to put everything together. 

Anyway, I will be sharing our collaborative efforts as soon as they are finished!

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