22 October 2011

M O V I N G     O U T

As you all know by now, I will be going on a little adventure next year, which means I have to make some pretty big sacrifices in order to make it happen. One of those big sacrifices is my beloved apartment. At the end of this month - just one week away, I will be moving out, after which I will be in limbo for a little while. First I will be staying with my Gramma, then I will be housesitting for a friend throughout November, and then - gulp - I will be moving in with my parents. This is something I never saw myself doing at the age of 27! Giving up my independence will be an adjustment for sure, but I am lucky to have an amazing mother and father - so that should make things a little bit easier.

My lifestyle from here on out will be so vastly different, and I will miss every little thing about it. However, I know that once I am plucking fruit from a tree in France or preparing breakfast for guests at La Serrania, I will be glad that I gave it all up.

Since I plan to be gone for a while and there is very little room for my things at Marmy & Daddy's, I'll also have to give up a lot of my stuff. So all of next week I will be posting furniture on craigslist, and next weekend I will be hosting a moving sale in my apartment to get rid of all that is left. If you are in the Seattle area and think you might have some interest in my things, please feel free to contact me with questions, and for the location of my apartment.

I may not be leaving for five months, but the journey most certainly begins now!


Items currently for sale on Craigslist:

Antique Kitchen Table
Antique Pie Cupboard/Bookshelf
Vintage Chair - Sold!
Vintage Coffee Table


  1. Ah your apartment is so beautiful, I'm so sad to see it go.  I also wish I lived in your area so I can take advantage of all your great finds.

  2. I am very sad, too. I am so in love with my home - I hate having to give it up!