23 October 2011

S U M M E R T I M E   A F T E R T H O U G H T S

For those of you who already miss those warm summer days, here's a way (superficial though it may be) to keep the glow of the evening sun around even through the cold winter months. That is, while sitting in front of your computer at least.

Thanks Johanna, for sharing this! I downloaded it today and I love it.


  1. Oh, so glad you like it! I usually hate still sitting in front of my computer at work when the sun is setting; this makes it a little more fun ;)

    BTW, I couldn't be more excited for your upcoming adventure. This might go against the whole point of the trip, but I do hope you have Internet at some point during it, so we can live vicariously.

  2. I plan to blog throughout the whole trip if I can. I am really set on documenting all of it as I won't want to forget a single moment. However I have been growing a little concerned about my computer. It's four years old and seems to be getting a little cranky lately. Hopefully she'll last!