24 January 2012

S E E     Y O U    S O O N

This weekend I am hopping on the train to Portland to see this beautiful lady. It will be our last chance to be together before I leave for Europe. Bittersweet!

I am also very excited to share that I will be selling a few of my latest works at a new shop/gallery in Portland, Lowell. It is owned by Maya, an internet pal of mine whom I am so looking forward to meeting! I am honored to be a part of this beautiful new space, even if in such a small way. Take a peek here to see the beautiful pictures Anja of Clever Nettle took of the shop.

Speaking of, a day does not go by where I don't stress about the print shop and how far behind I am with getting that all together. I so hoped to open it before I leave on my trip, and I still plan to - but it will only be open for a short time, unfortunately. I will do my best to get down to business and get that all sorted out next week!


  1. oh my god that shop looks SO good! congrats- and have a blast in portland! if you have a chance you should check out my friend's giovanna and john's new place called luce (owners of una and navarre)! xo, a

  2. I am so excited to check it out! And I would love to see your friend's shop too. If  I can, I will definitely pay them a visit! Thanks for letting me know about it.

    Ps. Kate asked me to watch the boys the weekend of the 11th instead of the 4th! Just thought you may want to know that. Also, I have a new camera & lens coming soon - so hopefully we can work out doing that shoot and then I can use them for it!

  3. Hope you have a cool visit! Lowell really is just as great as it seems. Last time I was there we were all talking about how much we love your blog and everything... Portland fan club, haha.

    Seconding the Luce recommendation, the food is amazing.

  4. Oh wow, thank you! That makes me feel so good. :) I'm a fan of you all, too! I really am so glad to be included in Lowell. Hope to bump into you there this weekend! 

    Luce - check! 

  5. Give each other kisses for me.  xx