27 January 2012

T H E    C O U N T D O W N     B E G I N S

One month from today, I will be packing my bags and heading to Europe. I cannot believe how close it is now. About a year ago this whole adventure was only a thought, a "what if" -  a phone call made to my sister, and now I'm only four weeks away from it all becoming a reality. Let me tell you, it's very weird. I've been to Europe several times before, but this time will be so different. It very well could be life changing - but I guess we'll see!

To be honest, I find myself at times feeling a little nervous about the whole, grand thing. I don't worry  much in general - but sometimes I stop and think about how big this is going to be and I must say, it's a little scary! I wonder if I am ready, if I have done enough planning, if I have paid enough attention to detail, if I have enough money, if I have everything I need for this experience to be successful. Have I forgotten anything? I suppose that's what this last month will be for; final preparations. 

Some of you may know that more often than not, The Sound of Music is playing somewhere in my mind and that I will shamelessly admit it is my dream for my life to resemble it as much as possible someday. So in those moments of fear and doubt, I remember my heroine Maria Von Trapp  (did I ever mention that I read the book about true story of the Trapp family singers? I'm sure I must have. It was so exciting for me to read, I can't imagine that I would have kept it to myself. If you, too love that film, I recommend it!) and I sing this song to myself.* I am on my way!

New chapters and experiences can be intimidating - but I have confidence in me!

* The only place I could find a good version of that scene was on this chinese website. (Shrug.)


  1. So exciting! You will have an amazing time, and make so many new memories. Happy trails

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