30 January 2012

T O    P O R T L A N D

The window on the train was quite dirty; my camera had a hard time focusing most of the time. It was a beautiful day - sunny but foggy. The landscapes took on a very mystical and dream-like feel. I couldn't help but think about the valleys and trees and mountains I'll soon be watching pass by on another continent. I also couldn't stop thinking about how inadequate my camera is for the type of photographs I'll be taking abroad. I will bring my analog camera of course, but it makes me nervous to fully rely on film. So, please share your DSLR recommendations. I am all ears!

More pictures from my weekend in Portland to come - but just a few.


  1. i've been looking at getting the nikon d700, since it looks to be the top of its class in terms of weight+performance, but it's a huge chunk of change to drop for just the body....i'm a huge fan of nikon, though, so anything by the brand gets the ok from me!  (apparently no matter what SLR - digital or otherwise - you get from nikon, the lenses are pretty much interchangeable.  like, even lenses from the 50s will work on today's DSLRs!  madness.)

    ok, camera geekage aside, i LOVE foggy/sunny days...the tones+textures have so much more life and import to them, don't you think?  that last shot is making my heart happy...  :)

  2. You're moving to europe? I bet you'll love to be here,and if any time you need something you know you've got a reader from spain and you're always welcome to visit! :) Good luck

  3. Canon t1i / t2i / t3i cameras are really great as a first-time DSLR, it's what I had and I've recommended it to lots of other ladies who have gotten the same and loved them! They're not super heavy, and the price is ok, but you'll probably want to get a nicer lens than the kit lens. I really like the 28mm f/1.8, but sometimes a 50 mm is better. I had the t1i and my friend had the 2nd version, they were practically the same so I bet you could find the first model at a really good price now! 

    You should also check out the Panasonic GF cameras, they have little bodies but you can put bigger lenses on them, from what I understand they're pretty popular with people who do a lot of traveling. A cool option for sure.

  4. I love the t2i! My new nanny family owns one so I've been playing around with it, taking pictures of the baby, etc. It's really nice.

    My friend has one of the four thirds Panasonic GF1 and he loves it. He said it's not so great in low light though. I'd rather not have that be a problem, but their light weight body & ability to change lenses are both definitely good reasons to get one. They seem to be about the same price as the t2i, so I'll give it some thought!

    Thanks for your tips! I appreciate it so much.

  5. Not moving, just traveling around for 5-6 months! :) So excited and nervous! All of the details are here: http://marmunia.blogspot.com/2012/01/travel-plans-update.html

    Where in Spain are you, Elen? I can't remember!

  6. Eep, unfortunately that camera is way out of my price range right now! I can't go over about six to seven hundred, probably. That's pretty awesome about the lenses though - a good thing to keep in mind for the future!

  7. Hello! I found your photos when i'm searching for seattles view on google!  sunny but foggy... beautiful photos!
    thank you.

  8. Hello Hiro! Thank you!