02 February 2012

C E L E B R A T I N G     C A I T L I N

A small group of us ladies gathered last night to celebrate Caitlin's birthday. We shared a delicious meal at Terra Plata - clearly it was so good that we gobbled up every morsel off of each plate before I could stop to take pictures of any of them. I didn't want to stop, I couldn't stop! (For those of you who contact me wondering where to go and what to eat in Seattle - this place is undoubtedly going on the list.)

It was such a nice evening spent with the sweetest gals. I'm sure I am speaking for all of us when I say that I am so glad to have a friend like Caitlin. It's a couple days too soon, but this girl deserves an entire week - rather than just a day. So...

Happy birthday, Caitlin!

PS. Aren't those the prettiest potato chips you've ever seen?


  1. Nom nom. Where is this restaurant?  Is it new?  I want to go to there.

  2. It looks so much fun! and delicious...there's nothing like hanging out with the girls on a weekend's night or a birthday. :)

    Oh,and of course we can talk about Madrid or Spain, you're always wellcome, if you are looking for a place or you need anything... you can count with me if you want :) it is always better if you know someone from the pace that can show you special places from the city you're visiting. :)

  3. Just stumbled upon your blog- it is really lovely. The photos are dreamy! 

    And it is so nice to get out with the girls now and then, don't you think? Thanks for sharing. It looks like an amazing night.

  4. It's at the end of the Madison Market building. Super yummy!

  5. Oh this is great - I'm so excited! We already have a place to stay, but it would be so fun to meet up with you and spend a day or two around the city with you. :) I'll send you an email with the details! 

  6. Thank you, so glad you're here! :)

    It is really nice, especially when you've got ladies in your life like I do - each one is so special to me.