06 February 2012


Places like Lowell are hard to find; so cozy, warm and welcoming with treasures to boot! Maya and Dino - two very kind and lovely creatures, have done an excellent job of creating a space that feels like a home. The afternoon sunshine that spills through the windows helps quite a bit with the ambiance, too. Had I the time, I would have hung out there all day chatting with Maya, discovering all of the cool and interesting things they have to offer, and eating tasty snacks - which  I am sad to report, I never had the chance to enjoy - but it all smelled and looked delicious! I've said it before and I'll say it again; I am so proud and honored to have just a touch of my own amongst everything else on display there. Maya posted a photo on Lowell's facebook of the prints basking in the sunlight yesterday (not to worry - they have a UV laminate!) and I smiled quite big when I saw it.

One of my favorite little gems were the paper faces which are filled with seedlings - herbs and such. Maya explained that the woman who makes them creates molds of old doll faces and then presses the recycled paper into them to make the seedling pouches. I thought they were so oddly endearing - I had to buy a couple for a friend. I would have liked a few for myself just to place on a shelf somewhere, but seeing as how I don't have a shelf of my own these days I decided to leave them for others to enjoy. I would have also liked to bring home one of those wooden spoons, or a bowl or a pretty linen of sorts - but again, no happy home for them to thrive in!

So for the rest of you who can, do yourself a favor and pop into Lowell. Or, don't pop in and rather linger and take your time enjoying it all.

PS. Lowell can be found at 819 N Russell Street!

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  1. This looks so lovely!  A perfect home for some of you collages.